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Camping Rules


The Direction is open from 8am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm.
At this time you can arrive, depart, pick up the documents and pay.
The entrance gate is open from 7am to 12am; outside these hours can be accessed from the pedestrian passage Camping, leaving the car in outside parking  .
These Rules and price list are deemed accepted at the time of registration of documents at your arrival.

All guests are required to read the price list and Regulation; must give the identity documents of all adults and sign the form of Public Safety. For minors are sufficient a data birth. At the reception shall be declare the exact number of family members, specify the equipment which will be install in the house. Any arrival and departure must be state promptly inform management, to ensure an exact count of living cost and for security reasons. Management reserves the right to take legal action against those who will be found in the building without proper registration.
To participate in the activities of the animation must wear the  campsite bracelet.
Substitutions are not allowed to household within the same pitch.

They are not allowed in the camping children under 18 years without the presence of parents. Adults are jointly and severally liable for their children subjected to the damage caused by them to property or persons who are inside the campsite, subject always to the same age of the responsibility  done right. In any case, adults need to ensure that the behavior of their children, or children in their care, does not disturb the peace and security of other guests.

An attendant will take guests to choose the pitch that suits your equipment, undeclared tent  will be made immediately removed. The pitches can accommodate: caravan, trailer tent, a mobile house, a large igloo, a camper or two igloos in two places. The half-pitches can accommodate an igloo for two. The pitches for campers and camping air are locate in the border  of the pine trees area for safety reasons. The assigned pitch can not be changed without the prior written permission of the direction. Is possible to assemble only a gazebo for pitch, if it is possible and management approval. Is forbid install any type of nail and various anchor on the pines; also the plots must be keep in perfect decorum and cleanliness. The day of departure, the pitch must be vacated by 11am, otherwise you will be charged all the day. Paying the extra day you can stand up in camp at 7pm. We do not accept bookings of pitches. Is allowed enter by car in the camping area until the day of arrival and final departure, at the times scheduled. Caravans, tents, campers can not be left empty during the months of July and August. The movements of the campers are governed by the times of silence and the provisions of the Management.

No other persons can access the campsite without prior permission of the management. Daily visitors are those who don’t stay during the night and are not permitted on days established by the management. At other times allowed only if accepted by the campers residents. Guests have access to facilities only after leaving an identification document at the reception and the rate will be applied as from the list, after an hour's stay.


We recommend at  all guests to use electric plugs and wires in accordance with law; to be extremely careful in the use of grills and camping stoves. However the direction reserves the right to prohibit such use if it is considered dangerous.

The Management isn’t  responsible for damage to persons or property caused thereby falling from branches, pine, or anything else coming from the trees within his camp on the beach and in the entertainment activities.
Parents must supervise their children into the playground and take them to the toilet.

Campsites Company's Marina Chiara achieved environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14000-04, so we ask the guests cooperation in the preservation of our precious environment with simple everyday actions:

a) Don’t leave the tap open water more than necessary.

b) Inform the direction if there is leak of water or other substances.

c) Don’t leave lit up lamps or other electrical devices  in your absence.

d) Don’t throw any kind of organic waste is not in the toilet.

e) Respect our pine trees area stretching towels on the ground only in the space necessary to the veranda and avoid driving nails and anchors to trees, to dig, to throw oil, soap and hot water or flushing the toilet for caravans and camper in soil, dig holes, put up fences, ropes at eye level, in any way cause damage to plants, flower beds and furnishings of the campsite.

f) Don’t light fires on the beach nor in the woods.

g) In designate areas there are special containers for the collection of paper and cardboard, plastic, aluminum, glass, batteries and used mixed waste.

h) At the toilet, near the sinks are where containers to dispose of the cooking oil.

Your support will help to maintain and improve the order and the hygiene into the camp.

It isn’t guard. The Management is not responsible for it.

From 2pm to 4pm and from 11pm to 8 hours there is the Time of silence.
This zone is prohibited to use TV, radio or musical instrument at a high volume may disturb the peace.

Use of bicycles must be done with extreme caution, respecting the silence time and the areas of the bungalow where the purse. Due to the improper use of the bicycle, this term will be sequester and returned at the end of journey.

12. CAR
Is allowed to enter by vehicles only on day of arrival and day of departure timetable 8am - 1pm or 4pm - 8pm. The Directorate provides one parking space per family in the parking of camping.

He was elected as a place of jurisdiction for all matters pertaining to the relationship between the parties and in particular the Italian court, the Court of Grosseto.



All guests, visitors and anyone requesting to enter the camping and residence sites MUST comply with the following obligations:

1.         obligation to remain at home if their body temperature is over 37.5°C or they have other flu symptoms, and to call your family doctor and the Health Authority  

2.         obligation not to enter and stay inside the Marina Chiara, Voltoncino and Casale Voltoncino sites (the “Structures”) and their appurtenances and facilities in case they have been exposed to or represent a risk from Covid-19, including having symptoms of flu, temperature, coming from risk areas or had been close to or in contact with people positive for the virus in the previous 14 days, and anyway in all cases where the provisions by the Authorities require them to inform the family doctor and the Health Authority and to remain at home

3.         obligation to declare in a timely manner if dangerous conditions exist, even after entry the Structures, including symptoms of influenza, body temperature above 37.5°, provenance from risk areas or having been close to or in contact with virus positive people in the previous 14 days and in all cases where the measures of the Authorities require you to inform the family doctor and the Health Authority and stay at home  

4.         obligation to comply with all the provisions by the Authorities and regulations by Marina Chiara S.r.l. while accessing and staying at the Structures and their appurtenances and facilities (including, in particular, maintaining a safe distance, observing the rules of hand hygiene, wearing the mask in enclosed spaces and in any case provided for by the regulations and instructions of the Italian Government and the Regione Toscana, and to behave correctly in terms of hygiene).

5.         obligation to promptly and responsibly inform Marina Chiara S.r.l. of the emergence of any symptom of influenza during the period of stay inside the Structures and their appurtenances and facilities, taking care to stay at an adequate distance from the people present.

Marina Chiara S.r.l., in compliance with the shared Protocol of 14 March 2020, integrated on 24 April between the Government and the Social Parties, provides to

7.         detect the body temperature of any person wishing to access their premises and to prevent access if it exceeds the limit of 37.5° or, as an alternative,

8.         collect a self-certification of those who request access to the Structures of Marina Chiara S.r.l. and to prevent access in case of exclusion provided for by the regulations, ordinances and protocols in force.


The Lords guests are required to comply with all the recommendations that were required in particular situations by directions.

Listino prezzi pdf Open Documents attached to the Regulations