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Camping Village Voltoncino

Camping Area Voltoncino

the pits to camping Voltoncino for caravans, tents, campers

Camping Village Voltoncino has a peculiar position, and immerse in a beautiful pine–trees area in silver coast in Tuscany facing in the tyrrhenian sea.

Relive with us the pleasure of a holiday in nature, like wake up with the birds chirping, cicadas chirp or with the sound of sea and smell the pine-trees perfume.

Into the camp you can create friendship and good neighborly relations, while respecting the spaces and rules.

A holiday that will be a panacea for children and for the peace of mind of parents and grandparents how can relaxing while the kids play at the park or to the nearby tent, or participate in the activities of the animation and entertainment.

Relive with us the pleasure of a holiday in nature!

camping con pineta in maremma


The campsite is shared in numbered sectors, as well as each pitch that are bordered by pine-trees. You get many spaces for appropriate accommodations: small igloo in half pitch; igloo big, big tents, caravans, tent trailer in the pitch on the pine-area border (for obvious reasons of security), and pitches suitable for motorhomes, vans and camping-car.

Not far there are power sockets, with industrial socket 3A, the driveway which leading to the sea and toilets and to all other services available to guests.

camper, furgoni, camping-car


Not accepting reservations, the holiday time is free and every day we have departures and arrivals. Our staff will welcome you at the reception and show you the pitch that best suits your needs and equipment.

Is possible buy season tickets and half-season in limited numbers, so our campsite become your holiday home!

Our plus:

  • shade and green
  • sectors and plots numbered
  • plots for small igloo
  • plots for caravans, tents and trailer tents large
  • campers area
  • season tickets and half-seasonal limited
  • sanitary facilities for children
  • bicycles and skates allowed
  • comfortable walkways to access the beach
  • beach for guests only
  • staff available 24 hours a day


Voltoncino Map

The camping is situated in the maritime pine-trees area in the Silver Coast which bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea