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Camping Village Marina Chiara
..without forget to taste the dishes
and the Tuscan Maremma

Area Village Marina Chiara

the pitches at the camping marina clear for caravans, tents, campers

bungalows whit air conditioning and soundproofed

Camping Marina Chiara has 2 types of bungalows for every need:

› STUDIO BUNGALOW sleeping 2 people
› 2 bedrooms BUNGALOW APARTMENT sleeping 4 people

All bungalows have air-conditioned, soundproof and externally there is a veranda with table, chairs and a clothesline.

They are furnished for the people who can accommodate (2 and 4 people, including children), are equipped with mosquito nets, TV aerial outlet, kitchen, table, blankets, pillows and quilts, wardrobe, refrigerators, large freezer.
The bathrooms are complete with all sanitary and shower.
Some Buongalow are prepared to stay for people with disabilities.

These Bungalow are real "mini-house" with all comfort that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors and camping life!

Area Map Village - Type of Bungalows

Through the map below you can see where are located the facilities, passing over with the mouse you can select the type, the number of people who can host and the identification number:

Mappa Camping Village Marina Chiara <b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 106 | 105<b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 104 | 103<b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 102 | 101<b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 108 | 107<b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 110 | 109<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 324 | 322<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 323 | 321<b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 201 | 202<br>Predisposti per disabili<b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 203 | 204<b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 205 | 206<b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 207 | 208<b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 209 | 210<b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 214<b>BUNGALOW 4 posti</b><br>
n. 211 | 212<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 341 | 342<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 337 | 338<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 333 | 334<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 329 | 330<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 325 | 326<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 327 | 328<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 331 | 332<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 335 | 336<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 339 | 340<b>BUNGALOW 2 posti</b><br>
n. 343 | 344

Types of housing facilities

campers, vans, camping-car

Studio Bungalow 2P

Studio with 2 beds and with option to add a 3rd bed. The apartment consists in one room with kitchen, double bed and bathroom.
Outside there is a veranda with table, chairs and clothesline.
It is perfect for couples or family with a small child.


camping with pinewood in maremma

Bungalow Apartment 4P

The apartment has 4 beds. In some apartments there is the possibility to add an extra bed in the living room and you can plug the cradle in all bungalows. The bungalow has a living room with kitchen, double bedroom, bedroom with bunk beds and one bathroom.
Covered veranda with table, chairs and a clothesline.