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Environmental Policy

environmental certificateLa Marina Chiara srl is conscious of the environmental impact into the tourist activity.

The years of work experience have meant that many aspects were taken into account beyond the obligations and legislative dictates, and above all, in recent years, there has been a lively and clear awareness of such issues that have become critical in the eyes of all executives and employees, more and more attentive and informed.

environment protection Maremma The monitoring of consumption continues, and also allows us to identify possible problems and malfunctions in order to intervene and remedy as soon as possible.
For example, you can see in the data below that water consumption is significantly reduced; in part be attributed to an improvement in line drip system, which has been expanding it better rationalized and used, in part due to increased use of high pressure washers for cleaning of toilets and in part to customers who have allegedly used less water with a per capita consumption of 0.15 m3 compared to 2009, which was 0.18 m3.
Even electricity in absolute value has declined, probably due to less use of air conditioners, since it was not a particularly "hot". On top of all campers of the pinewood choose more and more to use low energy light bulbs.
With regard to the consumption of LPG, we had a large increase and we are still trying to figure out what to impute considering together with the technicians who deal with the maintenance of the boiler.

Our main intenction are:

  • Sensitize the guests with visual information;
  • Increase and improve the organization of waste sorting: we got the true bins for waste!!!
  • Promoting the use of cloth bags for grocery shopping;
  • Gradual replacement of incandescent bulbs with low consumption ones;
  • Intensification of control for our suppliers and their correct environmental behavior;
  • Optimizing the use of chemicals for cleaning and use of green products;
  • Care of our pine forest and increase of green, protection and planting of oaks in dry area in the undergrowth;
  • Care of the undergrowth and protection from the sea and salt;
  • Collection of used batteries up to 14 kg!
  • Recycling fried oil, increased from 50 kg delivered in 2008 to the current 820 kg! A true success!
  • Disposal of toner cartridges, paint and anything else;
  • Use of eco-friendly, chemicals and biodegradable products;
  • Reduce GPL consumption;
  • Increasing the low energy light bulbs in the house;
  • Safeguarding the undergrowth by sea erosion;
  • Animation and in fun activities for educate the children to the environment;
  • Provision of a facility for reuse treated water for watering plants;


environmental policy campingWe ask to all employees and guests to cooperating for the good functioning of the Environmental Management System, to increase our performance.

We will comply with the legal requirements and suits always seek continuous improvement of our environmental performance.


A heartfelt thanks to all... BUONE VACANZE !!